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Blue Guitar Highway

This is a musician’s tale: the story of a boy growing up on the Iron Range, playing his guitar at family gatherings, coming of age in the psychedelic seventies, and honing his craft as a pro in Minneapolis, ground zero of American popular music in the mid-eighties.

Blues, Ballads & Broadsides

The CD spans 30 years of recordings and features the new track “Blue Guitar Highway,” which shares the name of Metsa’s 2011 memoir published by the University of Minnesota Press. Featuring solo work, Cats Under the Stars material, and the duo Paul Metsa & Sonny Earl, Blues, Ballads & Broadsides is the ideal companion to Paul’s well-received memoirs. The CD release was made possible through fan support via

Paul Metsa: Blues, Ballads & Broadsides (Songs from the Blue Guitar Highway)

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